Want to See Your Old Furniture With a New Look? Consider French Polish


Does your most admired old furniture make you depressed now? Do you feel upset every time you see your childhood study table in a damaged condition? Well, now you have got a valid reason to be happy. One of the most advanced methods of antique furniture restoration French Polish is now available easily, which will add a brand new glory to all your old furniture.

Recently French Polish has become extensively popular worldwide. This is nothing but a wood finishing method, which is considered as one of the most beautiful ways to finish highly figured wood. A large number of people think that French Polish is a method or material of polishing, but it is neither a method nor a type of material, actually French Polish is a process. Shellac is the primary ingredient of this process, apart from that other materials used in this process are alcohol, Pumice, Oil and Abrasives.

To apply the French Polish on your wooden furniture first pour shellac in a pad and mix a few drops of oil on a new cotton fabric cover. Start the polishing by applying extremely thin layers of shellac to the wooden piece. You will see the thin layer of shellac will dry very quickly, and you can easily apply a number of thin layers in a session. When you will find the pad requires reloading then simply remove the pad and add little more shellac to the core.

Remember, hundreds of passes all over the surface of your wooden piece will be required to complete this initial step. After accomplishing this step take a short break and wait for a few hours to allow the shellac to dry completely. After that you need to repeat the entire process at least six to eight times in order to achieve your desired finish.

But, if you give your old furniture a fresh look you are suggested to avail professional aid. Your antique furniture is precious, if you don't have the required skill then don't take the risk of performing the entire polishing work by your own, let the French polishers do the task.

Source by Ishan Ahmad

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