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In today's times there are many designs that can be incorporated to the styles that are required for the interior decorating. However all over the world there are only few of them that are actually put to practice. It is easy to identify some of the designs that most of the people around the world love and flaunt.

Some of the styles that are popular all over the world are the styles from Morocco, Japan, Italy and the Mediterranean. Though Japan and Italy fall in the Mediterranean region they still have a style that is unique to each. In fact in the Mediterranean region designs it also includes certain designs from regions that are a part of Italy.

Common Styles of Interior Decorating

The Mediterranean style of decoration is very old and people have been adapting it for a very long time. Because of this it is available very easily. The Italian style is the most copied one. This is because there are many designs that look Italian but are actually cheap imitations of the same. The Fresco paintings and the molding of cement are jut poorly made copies and cannot even be remotely compared to the original. The Moroccan is the latest in fashion as far as decorations are concerned. This style is mysterious and charming and magical in the true sense. Then there is the Tropical style, Swedish and the African style and also the Asian style

Other influences

Apart from the influence of the regions there is also the influence of other factors like Feng Shui and the Tuscan style of decoration. There are also the designs inspired by Victorian age and the Traditional decorations of the 18th and the 19th century. Other influences are drawn from the colors that are coordinated in the decorations and some of them are blacks and whites. Then there is the Rustic and the contemporary styles and the casual style of decorating. Next is the influence from the Vintage styles and the Retro style of decorating your home.

Finally how you decorate your house is completely up to you. It could either flaunt one style or it could be a combination of different styles. A number of people enjoy decorating their homes and therefore they could keep changing the styles every now and then. You could follow the trend that is being followed all over the world and be up to date or just follow your heart and find a interior design that is unique to your house.

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