Steps to Do Before Decorating Your Place


Some people think that decorating their place is very difficult since they have to define by themselves about the theme, furniture, color, etc. Finding the proper stuffs is not an easy job to do. Before decorating your house, you need to read and get information about the best theme, furniture and color.

You can ask professional interior designers but it will cost a lot. You can do it by yourself if you have found the proper theme. The common themes for house are minimal, contemporary, traditional, romantic and tropical or season theme. Those themes will give you different effect for your house's atmosphere. Minimal will give you large space effect, contemporary theme will give you modern view in your house. It has distinct motifs and design which will enhance your mood. Traditional will give you more country looks while romantic will give you romance feeling when you enter the room. Tropical and season theme will give you different atmosphere. It depends on the season. If you choose spring theme, you will get warmer view and atmosphere than winter theme. If you want to have more distinct atmosphere and view, you can choose to have tropical theme.

Tropical theme can be the best option to decorate your office or your industrial environment. You can make your office environment becomes more comfortable and has warmer atmosphere if you place some big colorful paintings with big animal or floral prints on the wall. You can also enhance the air quality by placing some plants inside the building such as bonsai, little palm tree on the entrance door, sansevieria on the desk or cactus. These plants provide oxygen and fight against negative effect of the technology such as radiation from the computer or tobacco smells. The plants can also increase the employee's productivity.

Mats can be used as additional comfortable stuffs in your industrial environment. Place it on the entrance to expose the company's logo. This mat can also be used as decorative item to give more distinct view and atmosphere if you place it under, the chair and table. You can cover the floor under your water dispenser to keep the floor dry and clean. This mat will make your environment more comfortable and clean.

Source by Boris S Roberts

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