Put Decorative Gravel Under Your Feet and Feel the Crunch


Decorative garden gravel can transform a garden from something fine and perfectly acceptable in any neighbourhood to something unique and stunning; a garden that anyone would be proud of. Just feeling the crunch of gravel underfoot is enough to make you realise that this is what your garden has needed all along.

We have all seen classic movies where a fine stately home somewhere deep in the country is the focus. Often there will be a scene where a limousine, usually a fine Rolls Royce, cruises slowly along a spacious gravel driveway, rolling gently to a stop before the grand entrance of the building. It's the distinctive sound of the gravel crunching under the car tyres that you remember. It has taken on a kind of stately elegance in our minds.

There's no reason why you cannot have that same gravel-crunchy sound coming from your garden. You may not be able to recreate the sound from a tyre on a classic Rolls Royce limousine, but you can generate much the same sound from decorative garden gravel as it is crunched underfoot on a path or patio area.

Gravel is now available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials suitable for any garden anywhere. It is no longer something that needs to be associated with the rich and stately; you can put decorative gravel under your feet and feel the crunch in your own garden. It's a lot easier than it might seem at first sight.

It's important to plan thoroughly before you order anything. If gravel is to be used on a path, then you have to know the exact dimensions of the path in order to know what volume of gravel you will need.

If you are intending to use gravel in a patio area, or in any other place in the garden, then you of course need to know the dimensions of the area where it will be placed. Basically, this means knowing the length and breadth, as well as the depth of the path or patio area. Once you have that figure, you may consider ordering a little extra to allow for settling and other natural losses over time.

As a rough rule of thumb, if you need decorative garden gravel to fill a path of 50 feet long, five feet wide and three inches deep, you will need to order about 3.14 tonnes of gravel. This is close to 3.25, or three and a quarter tonnes, which you should therefore order to allow for any extra needs that may arise. The path will settle over time and gravel has a tendency to thin out over time. The small extra amount will come in useful eventually.

A path made from decorative garden gravel should be slightly rounded in profile to allow for the drainage of rain water. This also means that the middle can become slightly thin in gravel. Having some extra can be essential for bringing the path back to its crunchy best. It also means that you can enjoy the natural beauty of your path for longer.

Source by David A Robinson

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