How to Choose Light Fixtures to Match Your Design Style


Choosing the right light fixtures is an important part of all interior decorating. Not only do you want light fixtures that match your sense of lighting style, but you also want ones that work well with the rest of the furniture. In this article, I will discuss what to consider when choosing the best light fixtures.

Consider Your Light Levels: First, consider your fixtures as sources of light before you consider them as ornaments in themselves. There are a number of different types of lighting that you can choose depending on your interior design style. If you are considering a more antique style, find lights than lean towards the red end of the lighting spectrum. This evokes the color of firelight, which was the color of much of the lighting that most antique decor was created. However, if you are creating a more contemporary look, use brighter light, leaning toward the white and even the bluer end of the lighting spectrum. White will bring out the colors in your modern furniture, while a tinge of blue will create the illusion of sunlight.

Consider Your Overall Style: Next, you should consider your lights as decor, rather than simply as light. Antique lights will complement well more classical decor, while you should consider something more contemporary for modern decor. One very nice sort of classical light is a Tiffany-style lamp. These lamps come from the early part of the Twentieth-century, and their stained-glass shades provide a nice accent in themselves. For more modern lights, using either some sort of reflective metal or glass setting will reflect and refract the light in interesting ways, while reflecting the modern concern with geometric shapes.

Light fixtures are an important part of any decor. On the one hand, they influence the light itself, thereby determining how your entire room is seen. On the other hand, they serve as a part of the decor themselves.

Source by Lorne Hallett

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