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A bathtub is one of the most sensitive and specific functions of a bathroom, so it is usually easier to choose a bath first and leave the rest of the decisions for the design of the project. Since it has not established any solid border style it can be somewhat overwhelming to review the huge selection available on the market today. Here is a checklist that could help reduce their options.

Simple functions. Do we need a combination shower/tub, you have the space for a separate shower and tub, or just need a bath, "Will the tub to be used as a primary or bath for relaxation?

Large whirlpool tubs and other large ornamental tubs are great for relaxation and appear beautiful, but these can be annoying and wasting energy to be used as a primary area of bathroom.

Functional Special Interests

Is there a potential future need for a tub accessible to the disabled?

Someone who uses the tub has a limited range of motion?

Deep tubs are nice, but they can be difficult for people with a limited range of movement in and out.

Are some of the children or elderly users?

Anti-slippery surfaces are a security advantage for everyone, but should be defined for a child and another for seniors.


The force of cleaning required to remove hard water spots can damage the porcelain. If water in your home is extremely hard, you may want to consider an acrylic tub or fiberglass.

Space and Proportion

How much space your bathroom can appoint a tub?

Are you looking tubs in proportion with the space?

You may be able to save space, but a tub that is too high or wide for the size of the room can still be avoided in the place. On the other hand a small tub in a huge space can do the same.

Note: Bathroom Renovations are usually best served by a tub that can act as a direct replacement for existing tub. The styles and designs can be changed completely, but the opening of the drain and faucet dimensions should all be compatible. It is entirely possible to change all these, but will be considerably more difficult and expensive.


The tubs are made for many different body types, tall, short, thick and thin. The only way to know if a tub is comfortable sitting in it. It might feel silly in a sense a tub at the store, but usually there are permitting. How expensive are these days, you better take a test ride.

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