DIY Garden Design


Have you ever thought about your garden design? Why did you plant a tree there and not here, or why did you plant your flowers in the way you did… there's a little bit of creativity in each of us. Depending on the difficulty of the plan you have for your exterior space you can start on your own or ask for professional help. Either way there are some rules that need to be followed. Designing a garden landscape also requires some horticulture knowledge.

Depending on the available budget you have a lot to think about:

– Pathways, decking, sitting areas, garden furniture

– Walls

– Water features

– Soil and plants – season requirements, lifespan, appearance, needs

It is important to choose the right plant for the right space considering its scale, the amount of leaves dropped, growth rate, amount of twigs and branches, combinations with other plants and landscape features, bloom-time, spreading or self-seeding of the plants and many other characteristics.

Another option is to create a garden that would seem to be there for at least 15 years already: plant mature trees and shrubs. Before going to the nursery to purchase them make sure you have also contracted a professional, as you will need help in picking your plants, delivering them to your garden and planting them safely in the right spot.

If you'd also like to have a fountain in your garden but just don't have enough space for it, an alternative is to have a wall water fountain. For this you also need professional help.

There are many thing to be aware of when creating your garden design and sometimes might get overwhelming but in the end it definitely worth it.

Source by Denisa Dorian

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