Decorate Your House With Foscarini Lighting


The Italian lighting Foscarini collection is very popular with people who decorate their homes. Everybody wants to won and decorate a beautiful home to live in and show off to people. Contemporary interior decoration has now become affordable and is no longer restricted to the rich. Interior lighting plays a very important role in contemporary interior decoration.


Foscarini lighting has been named after the Tuscany region in Italy. The houses in this region were built in a particular method, to protect them from the scorching heat of the Italian sun. These houses were built from stones to keep them cool and to make people feel comfortable in summer. Hence, lights were designed to give an impression of the Tuscan sunset. It was aimed at providing soft and comfortable lighting that was not too harsh on the eyes, and that would not generate much heat in the room. The lights were muted to provide a homely and romantic feel.


Foscarini lighting includes accessories like light fixtures, outdoor wall lanterns, post lights and other decorations. This kind of a decoration can make a lot of difference while decorating a room. Wrought iron chandeliers can add a lot of charm to a room when you switch it on. It is also a good conversation topic. Natural motifs are a part of Foscarini light fixtures. Earthy colors form a part of this Italian designs with varying shades of brown, green, gold, beige being a part of this.

Another type of is different forms of outdoor or garden light fixtures. Black wrought iron candelabras have their own charm. Floral motifs and other earthy designs can help to accentuate the earthy elegance of the Tuscan style. This type of décor and lighting is mostly done in warm tones of brown and bronze. The outdoor light fixtures are especially impressive as it adds a rustic look to your home, on the porch or in landscaped areas.

The motive of Tuscany light fixtures is to bring in natural light into your home so it is advisable not to decorate with heavy drapes or curtains. If your home has a backyard or garden, the gate can be preferably kept open for natural light to come in. Mirrors are also used extensively as it reflects light and brightens up the room.

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