Country Decor


If you have decided to go with a country décor in your home, chances are you already have a good idea of what you want the end result to be. The hard part is finding all the parts that go together to effectively create that look. It can be tough to sort through since country décor is so broad, so you should get some precise items in your mind that you must have. Keep in mind that country design should always stay casual and cozy.


When you think country in regards to furniture, typically it means you are looking for woods and casual prints. Start with the largest or most expensive piece of furniture in your room and try to design with that in mind. For example, if you are decorating a country living room, pick a couch that is perfect then purchase other furnishings based on it. Go with any wood tones that it may have. Look to the colors in the fabric to choose other upholstery and accessories. Get a good sense of the scale and lines in the sofa and mirror them in the rest of the room.

Wall Coverings

Often the walls of a home are what really define it as being country in style. Often decorative paneling, wall paper, and borders set the tone for the entire room. Prints and paintings are also very important. Country design often incorporates themes such as animals or nature.

Window Treatments

In country décor, windows are most often fully dresses with lots of material. Ruffles, lace, eyelet, and fringe are popular. A naked window will look awkward if you are trying for a country feel! Because the window dressings are so important in this type of design, make sure you consider how you will choose to dress them when you are choosing your large ticket items. If you want to keep the room more open and romantic, for example, don't pick a dark accent color because chances are you'll want to use this color for your draperies.


Flooring tends to be pretty classic in country design. Hardwoods and carpets are very popular. To give the room extra detail, pick a big area rug. Braided area rugs are a perfect fit for a quaint country look.

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